Child Constipation Can Cause Bedwetting

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Is your child wetting the bed a lot? One thing you might not be aware of is that child constipation is a frequent cause of urinary problems in kids.

Indeed, new research by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has indicated that bladder problems aren’t always responsible for bed wetting.

A study, conducted by the Center on 30 children and adolescents who sought treatment for bed wetting, found that all had large amounts of stool in their rectums. This was despite the fact that most of them had normal bowel movements.

This kind of situation occurs when children delay going to the bathroom. The stool backs up into the intestine, which never becomes fully empty. According to researchers, having too much stool in the rectum reduces bladder capacity.

The link between excess stool in the rectum and bed wetting was first reported as far back as 1986. However, it didn’t have big impact on clinical practice, perhaps due to the fact that the issue of constipation is not always properly understood.

Parents and children aren’t always aware that constipation, that is excess stool, exists inside the body. In the study, it was detected by X-ray.

After an initial bowel cleanse and follow up with laxatives where necessary, 25 of the children (83 percent) were cured of bed wetting within three months.

If your child is constipated, these effective natural remedies for constipation can help.

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