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You may have heard that green lipped mussel does work. Yet, you’re probably wondering what kind of results can be expected. Is it really the miracle cure that people say it is?

Scientific studies have confirmed that the mussel has powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities. Being a natural supplement it does produce different results on different people though, and the extremes are wide ranging.

At one end of the spectrum, there have been simple cases of people with arthritis in the hands who can write, knit, or open screw-top jars again after years of being unable to do so. At the other end of the spectrum, people who have been bedridden or confined to a wheelchair with constant pain and depression have found that they can once again live a normal life, swim, go dancing, and do gardening. The majority of cases lie somewhere between these two extremes. Of course, there are people who unfortunately don’t get the results they were expecting. The reason why remains unexplained.

In successful case studies, in which clinical trials were conducted on osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, the various degrees of response to treatment can be described as follows.

Usually, the first signs that mussel extract is working are a slight decrease in pain, sometimes accompanied by an increase in freedom of movement of the affected part. Descriptions of these first signs have been given as:

“I started sleeping through the night again” (in case of someone having osteoarthritis in the hip).


“I was able to walk to the corner shop and back without pain and having to stop and rest”.

Many women have found that they have been able to comb their hair or reach down their back to zip up a dress.

These first signs of improvement may seem a little trivial to those who haven’t suffered from arthritic pain and limitations. However, they are in fact major achievements which are very encouraging when a person hasn’t been able to do such things for a while.

As the degree of benefit increases, the pain becomes less intense and less frequent, possibly disappearing completely. If movement has been limited, it too becomes easier and freer until, in many cases, normal limb movement is achieved.

Having said this, it is necessary to point out that responses vary from person to person. Some people lose all pain but still have difficulty with movement. Others may move freely but still have occasional twinges of pain.

It’s been observed over years of experience that some really severe cases of long duration have responded almost 100% and full relief of symptoms has been achieved. Conversely, there have been mild cases for which the extract has been used in the early stages with only moderate success.

It does appear from general experience, as well as from clinical trial results, that the age of the person or the duration of the disorder don’t have any significance with regard to how successful the treatment is.

Just like the kind of benefits achieved, how long it takes to achieve the benefits also varies from person to person. One person may respond very fast, within days or weeks. Another may take months. On average, however, major improvement is usually felt in four to six weeks.

The Benefits Are Not Psychological

The brain is very powerful. Could it be possible that the benefits from taking the mussel extract are in fact the result of people’s hope or belief that this new product will help them? In clinical trials involving human patients, this is known as the placebo effect.

To get around this, half the trial patients are given a placebo (such as a harmless sugar capsule) and half are given the trial substance. The effect of the two substances can then be compared and the placebo or psychological effect ruled out or minimized. This is exactly what was done for studies involving the mussel extract.

Another factor that points to the mussel extract working are the many people enjoying symptomatic relief for years after using the extract. It’s been shown in previous clinical research that the psychological effect will generally only last for up to six weeks in patients suffering from arthritis.

What’s more, mussel extract for dogs, cats, and even horses has successfully treated arthritic conditions in these animals. The fact that the animals responded well to the extract rules out any psychological response.

More Evidence that Green Lipped Mussel Does Work

This article on the green lipped mussel arthritis link, includes a very informative video segment from Australian TV program A Current Affair featuring the mussels.

Of course, the benefits obtained from the extract can only be as good as the quality of the supplement. It’s imperative to be careful about what brand you buy as the quality of the mussels, as well as the manufacturing process used, fluctuates widely.

There are many reasons why we believe that Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder is easily the best brand on the market. See how it shapes up in this comparison of green lipped mussel brands.

What Can You Do To Help Ensure Results?

Many people find that in addition to taking an initially high green lipped mussel dosage to provide a booster, combining it with Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil accelerates the results. This is another excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Buy Risk Free

If you’re still concerned about whether or not the mussel extract might work for you, you needn’t be. Here’s the reassurance to give you peace of mind. Xtend-Life offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their Green Lipped Mussel Powder and Fish Oil, so you can try the products RISK FREE.

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