How to Improve Protein Digestion Problems

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The digestion of protein is an extremely important function in the human body but it’s not always carried out well. Many people find that they need to improve protein digestion problems. But what’s the best and easiest way to enhance the body’s natural digestive process?

If your body has protein digestion problems, it will be deprived of the essential nutrients that it needs to work properly. Proteins are reduced into single amino acids during digestion, which are needed for all types of cellular functions including building new tissue and repairing damaged tissues.

Protein Digestion Enzymes and How They Work

The digestion of proteins is carried out by protein digestion enzymes, which break down the proteins in a process called hydrolysis. There are a number of different digestive enzymes, collectively called proteinases or proteases.

Digestion typically begins in the stomach, which secretes pepsinogen. It’s converted, by hydrochloric acid, to a digestive enzyme called pepsin. Pepsin degrades food proteins into smaller sized peptides. Various factors affect how fast it happens. These include how much of the enzyme is present, the amount of food protein to be digested, acidity levels of the food and stomach, and food temperature.

When the food enters the intestine, enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin continue the digestive process. By the time it reaches the small intestine, most proteins are already reduced to single amino acid or peptides of several amino acids.

What Causes Protein Digestion Problems?

Unfortunately, the best protein sources (such as meat and milk products) are often the hardest to digest. People with deficiencies in mineral nutrients will often find that they have trouble digesting proteins.

If the body’s digestive enzymes don’t break the protein down into amino acids properly, sometimes small amounts of whole or partial proteins are absorbed into the blood. This is referred to as “foreign protein”. The presence of only the slightest amount of foreign protein in the blood is enough to upset the body, and cause symptoms of food allergies as the body rejects it.

If the body doesn’t make enough digestive enzymes, protein foods will putrefy or rot, rather than digest. It’s possible for protein substances containing nitrogen to reach the large intestine. The bacteria that lives in the intestinal tract will attack them, resulting in diarrhea as they’re decomposed. If undigested protein leads to a build up of toxins in the large intestine, it will cause symptoms such as bloating and gas, weight gain, lower back pain, body odor, and bad breath. Eventually, it could even lead to colon cancer.

Kiwi Fruits to the Rescue

Boosting the body’s protein digestion enzymes is an effective way of improving digestive problems.

This scientific study, carried out in 2010, found that kiwi fruit significantly aided the digestion of casein/sodium caseinate (a milk protein) and beef muscle protein (extracted from beef mince in the study).

The reason why is that it contains actinidin, a proteolytic enzyme that carries out the same role as pepsin to break down proteins into amino acids.

The many digestive health benefits of kiwi fruit have been confirmed by a number of scientific studies. One of these benefits is improved protein digestion. The benefits don’t stop there though. Kiwi fruits are excellent for balancing the bacteria in the colon, and alleviating constipation.

Of course, it’s not always possible to eat kiwi fruits in large numbers ever day though. They can be expensive, or aren’t always available.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Kiwi Klenz is a revolutionary new product that’s made from the concentrated extract of the nutrient-dense kiwi fruit skin and pulp. It’s been showing remarkable results.

How Well Does Kiwi Klenz Perform?

In lab simulations, Kiwi Klenz digested the same amount of animal protein in a McDonald’s hamburger in just 4.5 hours, as opposed to 8 hours without Kiwi Klenz.

As for casein, which is the cause of many digestion problems, the protein in a glass of milk was digested in 9 minutes with Kiwi Klenz, as opposed to 32 minutes without it.

(The study was performed by an independent research organization, Trinity Bioactives, Ltd.)

Here’s how it looks on a graph.


As if these results aren’t enough to convince you to take a look at Kiwi Klenz, here are two more reasons:

  • You only need to take one tablet a day, so it’s very easy and cost effective.
  • There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Find out what customers have to say about Kiwi Klenz in this customer comments.

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