How to Reduce Bloating with Kiwi Fruit Extract

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Bloating after eating is an uncomfortable yet common condition. It results from your body’s inability to digest what you’ve eaten. Some people find that they only bloat after eating certain foods, but others are unfortunate enough to get a bloated stomach no matter what they eat and drink. If you’re wondering how to reduce bloating, you’ll find some recommendations here along with a remarkable new natural digestive supplement that comes with guaranteed results.

What Causes Bloating?

A bloated stomach is a concerning and uncomfortable health issue. It can be particularly confusing when it starts happening all of a sudden, without any apparent reason. It’s even worse when, after a whole range of tests, doctors still can’t provide a satisfactory explanation.

One of the most common causes of bloating is a bacterial imbalance in the intestine. The colon consists of both good and bad bacteria, and these days it’s very easy for the bad ones to take over. When this happens, it can result in a multitude of symptoms. Bloating is a predominant one.

Doctors commonly suggest taking a probiotic supplement, but many people find that they still don’t get relief.

This article about prebiotics vs probiotics outlines why. A better solution, which is growing in popularity, is a prebiotic supplement that actually feeds the good bacteria. This enables them to multiply and become more active, hence restoring the balance.

But why does the bacteria in the colon get out of balance in the first place?

Diet is an important factor. If undigested food finds its way to the intestine, it will start to ferment and cause gas and bloating. Some people find that they have protein digestion problems, particularly as milk and meat proteins are difficult to digest.

The Problem with Gluten

Another dietary factor is gluten. Many people who suffer from bloating find that they are intolerant to gluten. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked because it doesn’t always show up in a blood test. The most reliable way of finding out if you’re gluten intolerant is to get a saliva test done by an alternative medicine practitioner. Otherwise, try a gluten-free diet and see if the bloating reduces.

What’s gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in most grains including wheat barley, rye, and malts. It’s also added to food, often as “dextrin”, for flavor, stabilizing, or thickening. Ice cream commonly has it.

Other Dietary Tips to Reduce Bloating

Additional to what’s been mentioned above, specific things that many people find beneficial in reducing bloating are:

  • Avoiding processed food.
  • Cutting back on sugar.
  • Reducing the consumption of dairy products.
  • Drinking lemon juice and water during the day.
  • Eating ginger.
  • Eating more slowly.

A Natural Digestive Supplement to Reduce Bloating

If you are having trouble digesting food or have an imbalance of bacteria in your colon, it’s worth taking a look at the numerous health benefits of kiwi fruit for digestion. Scientific studies are revealing more and more ways this fruit is capable of aiding digestion. In short, it’s extremely nutritious, especially the kiwi skin.

Most importantly, the kiwi fruit:

  • Is a prebiotic, which feeds the good bacteria in the colon.
  • Contains plant phenolics, which both destroy bad bacteria and act as an antioxidant.
  • Contains actinidin, which is an enzyme that breaks proteins down to improve your digestion.

We understand that eating kiwi fruit every day isn’t always feasible though. That’s why we’re so thrilled to find a remarkable new supplement made from the extract of both kiwi fruit pulp and skin. It’s called Kiwi Klenz, and it’s the only 100% natural digestive supplement available that’s able to maintain TOTAL balance in your digestive tract by tackling numerous issues at once.

What’s more, it provides a simple and cost effective solution: only one capsule, once a day, is usually needed.

Here’s what satisfied customers have to say about it:

“Bloated feeling and indigestion problems have gone.”

“It allows me to eat healthy foods which in the past would always cause digestive upsets. It absolutely works great!”

“When I’d wake up each morning, my stomach would be as flat as possible. Then, after eating anything at all, it would blow up like a balloon. After taking Kiwi Klenz, unless I drank a carbonated soda or ate some food that causes bloating, my abdomen was no longer swollen looking even after eating.”

You can read about other customer experiences in these customer comments.

It’s understandable if you’re apprehensive about trying Kiwi Klenz. After all, there are lots of health supplements out there that claim to reduce bloating but actually do very little.

However, the great thing about Kiwi Klenz is that you can try it RISK FREE. The manufacturer stands by this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s how sure they are that it can help you.

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