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Many women who are expecting find that they suffer from constipation at some stage or another. Unfortunately, pregnancy constipation relief isn’t always an easy matter as not all medications are safe during pregnancy. Plus, women often want to take a natural approach to getting rid of their constipation, so as to not risk harming their baby. Hence the need for an effective natural digestive.

Why is Constipation in Pregnancy so Common?

Constipation symptoms usually start early in pregnancy and can be an uncomfortable shock, especially for women who normally have regular bowel movements. Hormones are a major factor. Progesterone dramatically increases during the first three months. It’s necessary in order to soften the internal muscles so that the body can expand and accommodate the growing baby. However, as the muscles in the wall of the bowel soften, it makes it difficult for the food to be pushed along the digestive tract. Constipation results.

Lack of fluids from morning sickness and vomiting can also be a problem in early pregnancy, causing constipation from dehydration and not enough fiber.

Constipation can be a problem later on in pregnancy as well, when the swelling of the uterus pushes against the stomach and other organs, impacting on digestion.

Pregnant women who do suffer from constipation commonly experience intense gas and bloating along with it. Straining to go to the toilet also increases the chance of developing hemorrhoids, or creating tears and in the anus and rectum. This means that the effective pregnancy constipation relief is very important.

Lifestyle Factors for Pregnancy Constipation Relief

Lifestyle changes will usually be suggested first to try and cure constipation in pregnancy. These include:

  • Eating a diet high in fiber, to ensure that feces is of a good consistency and can move along the intestine easily. Whole grain bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables are all beneficial. The health benefits of kiwi fruit for digestion are particularly vast and substantial.
  • Drink plenty of water, around six large glasses a day.
  • Do light exercise to keep fit and stimulate the bowel.

The Problem with Taking Laxatives

Of course, these lifestyle factors don’t work for everyone. Constipation in pregnancy can be a stubborn and very uncomfortable problem. If it’s been weeks since your last bowel movement, you’ll definitely want to try something more effective.

So, what about laxatives?

There are many different types of laxatives that work in different ways. The results vary from person to person.

Stimulant laxatives are at the strongest end of the spectrum and should be avoided because there’s a chance they could stimulate the muscles of the uterus and cause contractions, as well as be absorbed by your digestive system. Other laxatives, which either form bulk by helping stools retain fluid (also referred to as fiber supplements) or soften the stool, are more acceptable and generally safe.

The problem is that most laxatives shouldn’t be taken for more than a week. The exception is bulk-forming fiber supplements. However, they do have some unpleasant side effects — bloating, gas, abdominal pain, or increased constipation if not taken with enough water.

A Natural Supplement to Relieve Constipation

There is another alternative that actually works to improve you digestion.

As mentioned above, the kiwi fruit is has some remarkable health benefits. One of them is the relief of constipation. Scientific studies have confirmed that consumption of two kiwi fruits a day softens stools and bulks them up, and also increases the frequency of bowel movements. In addition, if you look around the pregnancy forums (such as this one), you’ll find many women who are grateful that the kiwi fruit has cured their constipation.

The kiwi fruit isn’t just an awesome source of fiber though. It’s also packed full of nutrients, including Vitamin C, potassium and folate, and acts as a prebiotic, antioxidant, and a digestive enzyme.

It’s not always possible to consume kiwi fruits every day though. That’s why we highly recommend a revolutionary new product called Kiwi Klenz. It’s made out of the concentrated extract of kiwi fruit pulp, and kiwi skin (which is the most beneficial part of the fruit).

According to an independent research report, the majority of people who take the supplement do so for constipation and bloating. They report extremely encouraging results, with around 75% of users saying that kiwi Klenz is more effective than competing products.

The great thing about it is that it’s very cost effective. Only one capsule once a day is needed. And unlike traditional laxatives, it’s actually healthy for your body and doesn’t produce nasty side effects. It will cure your bloating, and not cause it!

But is it safe for pregnant women?

According to the manufacturer
, it is. That’s because it’s just like eating two kiwi fruit a day. If your body is used to eating fruit, it’s unlikely you’ll experience a problem. Otherwise, it may have an immediate cleansing effect on your bowels. If you’re concerned about that possibility, start off with a capsule every second day.

Why not take a look at Kiwi Klenz and see why it’s such an amazing product. You can try it RISK FREE, as there’s a money back guarantee!

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