What Green Lipped Mussel Dosage is Best?

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Taking the optimal green lipped mussel dosage is important if you want to get the best results from your green lipped mussel supplement. But what is the optimal dosage?

Because the mussel extract is a natural whole food, there’s actually a great deal of flexibility in the amount that can be taken.

Considerations usually include age and severity of symptoms, as well as the type of extract (whether it’s a powder or oil).

You’ll find that many manufacturers recommend just one or two 500 mg capsules of green lipped mussel powder a day, but this is in fact quite a low dose for an adult (it’s more suited to a large dog).

A dosage of at least 2,000 mg of powder is a better starting point, particularly if treating painful arthritis or inflammation.

If you’re taking an oil such as Lyprinol, the recommended dosage is at least four capsules (200 mg) per day.

The extract should be taken at the start of a meal, and not in between meals, to minimize the risk of indigestion. Whether the daily dose is taken with one meal, or spread out over the course of the day, doesn’t appear to have a significant impact on the results though.

Is It Okay to Take More Than the Recommended Dosage?

For many people, the dosage of mussel extract is actually determined by what fits within their budget.

The extract has been proven to be quite safe and non-toxic to use at many times the recommended amount. Hence, you may wish to start with a large dose to give your body an initial booster, to yield faster results.

Some adults with severe symptoms start off with a high dose of 5,000 mg of green lipped mussel powder per day.

How Long Will It Be Before Any Benefits Are Felt?

Twenty years of widespread use has indicated that the mussel extract generally works slowly but surely.

People taking the extract usually notice the first signs of symptomatic relief after around four to six weeks. However, there have been many instances of people’s symptoms improving within the first week or two.

This just goes to show that everyone is different. As with any medication, trial and error is necessary.

The first signs of benefit are often signified by a decrease in pain, sometimes accompanied by an increase in movement of the affected part. Read more about the results you can expect.

Is It Necessary to Take the Extract Forever?

Of course, it’s natural to wonder if you must keep taking a high dosage forever. Most people, especially those who have been taking more than the recommended dose, usually cut back after the first benefits are felt. It’s fine to do this.

Here’s something for your to consider.

Three distinct patterns of usage of green lipped mussel extract have developed over the years.

1. A high dosage has been taken regularly until satisfactory results obtained, and then the extract has not been needed again.

2. A high dosage has been taken regularly until satisfactory results obtained, and then a daily maintenance course of one or two capsules has been continued. In some cases this has been found to be necessary to prevent the condition from recurring. However, many people are simply scared of relapsing, so they happily take a maintenance dose.

3. A high dosage has been taken regularly until satisfactory results obtained, and then stopped completely. However, on recurrence of symptoms (sometimes after several months, or even years), a short spell on the full dosage again has yielded another period of relief where the extract hasn’t been necessary.

Thus, only your body can tell you what it requires after you’ve been taking the extract for a while.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract for the Whole Family… Including Your Pets!

Many people are so happy with the benefits of the mussel extract, their whole family starts taking it for its rejuvenating properties.

Mussel powder has been scientifically proven to alleviate arthritis in dogs as well as it does in humans!

Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder, which is the brand we recommend, is manufactured in a unique to the market way that ensures it retains all the health benefits of eating raw mussels. Even if people don’t suffer from aches and ailments, they find the extract gives them more energy and improves the structural integrity of their connective tissue. This leads to improved skin tone, and reduced effects from the aging process.

Just one or two capsules a day is enough to produce results.

Mussel Extract Combined with Other Supplements

If you’re suffering from serious prolonged pain and inflammation, try combining the extract with other natural supplements to get quicker relief. Xtend-Life offer two other products that can help.

  • Not Just Joints — this specialty supplement contains a broad range of synergistic ingredients, rarely found in other formulas, that cover as much of the arthritis spectrum as possible.

For intensive treatment, you can also add powerful multi nutrient supplement Total Balance to the regime. Find out more about The Importance of Nutritional Supplements in Reducing Inflammation.

We Use and Recommend!

Xtend-Life because they are a family owned company specializing in development of innovative products to meet specific needs.

Xtend-Life combines top quality raw ingredients that are laboratory-tested, with superior manufacturing practices. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back!

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